Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Do You Reward Yourself?

It's so important to congratulate yourself along the way when working towards a goal. 

All of those mini steps are great achievements bringing you closer to what you desire. When you achieve the end goal too, you can also do something fun, something that you can look forward too no matter how big or small. Because, yes, you do deserve it! Not forgetting that the most important part is giving it a try in the first place, because the real failure is not giving it a try at all.

Going to a Biffy Cylro gig was a treat to myself for completing the NLP Master Practitioner course which I loved. 


Great band live and even better as for the first time in my life I went alone to a show which was liberating, exciting and a little scary at first all in one. This was a active choice, it felt right. As if to signify the beginning of the next step in my life, with increased self value, love and respect ready to embrace the new exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

What goal are you moving towards at the moment?

How can you enjoy the journey along the way?

How can you congratulate yourself for giving it a try?

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