Thursday, 19 December 2013

How To Change Your Emotional State

Some memories are wonderful to think about, and can be a great tool to use too.

If you feel down or demotivated think about a time when you were happiest. Anytime in your life, a memory that is strong enough so that when you start noticing what you saw, heard and felt in that memory the wonderful feelings start trickling in...and with every breath they become stronger and stronger as you notice what you were saying to yourself at that point in time too.

Notice what is different now...what has changed in terms of your physiology, thoughts or feelings just by reliving that memory?

What did you say to yourself when you were totally happy?

Who/what was present?

Was anything missing from that memory that is usually present in your daily life?

Anchoring is often used in NLP, creating a link between a stimulus (visual, auditory etc) and a feeling from a memory. Therefore whenever you use that trigger again, the feelings automatically crop up too.

Anchors can happen naturally - have you ever heard a song and then recall a memory along with feelings related to that song? This is an example of an auditory anchor.

By reliving a particular memory whilst clicking your fingers, listening to a great song or looking at an inspiring image you can create a powerful anchor to use anytime you wish to recall those feelings. The more times you do this the stronger it becomes.

Try it and notice how great it can feel!

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The Real Meaning Behind Unwanted Emotions

If we didn't have moments of doubt, fear or sadness what would we have to compare the happy moments against?

Would we truly appreciate the happy times without the challenges?

I know for one that any challenges I experienced previously, acted among many things as a reminder to appreciate what I have and become more present. This helped me to really appreciate the wonderful joys that life has to offer.

As with anything it´s about finding a balance, allowing ourselves to go with the flow, and also using our skills whether be it with NLP or other, to keep us from remaining in heavier states for too long. A little bit can help us value the happier times and gain positive learnings; too much can keep us stuck and demotivated.

Isn't that the meaning after all of a heavier emotional state - to remind us that something is not quite right, that we need to shift something in order to return to alignment and feel happier again?
Notice that I use the word heavier instead of negative...if we label and judge them as negative, the more difficult it can be to shift to a happier state.

What we resist, persists!

By simply allowing ourselves to acknowledge the emotion, allow it to pass without judgement through observation of how it feels or through positive activities such as dancing, painting, singing etc we can gain positive learnings and change state more easily.

If we are learning something through the experience can we really label it as negative?

More thoughts on emotions soon!!

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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Do You Reward Yourself?

It's so important to congratulate yourself along the way when working towards a goal. 

All of those mini steps are great achievements bringing you closer to what you desire. When you achieve the end goal too, you can also do something fun, something that you can look forward too no matter how big or small. Because, yes, you do deserve it! Not forgetting that the most important part is giving it a try in the first place, because the real failure is not giving it a try at all.

Going to a Biffy Cylro gig was a treat to myself for completing the NLP Master Practitioner course which I loved. 


Great band live and even better as for the first time in my life I went alone to a show which was liberating, exciting and a little scary at first all in one. This was a active choice, it felt right. As if to signify the beginning of the next step in my life, with increased self value, love and respect ready to embrace the new exciting opportunities that lie ahead.

What goal are you moving towards at the moment?

How can you enjoy the journey along the way?

How can you congratulate yourself for giving it a try?

We Always Have a Choice

There are many options in life and quite often we forget just how many are available to us. Not only that, but also that we are the ones in control whether we are aware of it or not.

In the past if there was something that I was moving towards and I could feel the resistance cropping up, I would write the following words on a post it note and place it somewhere that I could see it everyday.

Option 1: Stay the same

Option 2: Make a change

That, along with removing limiting beliefs and inner conflicts that may have been present, the goals were easier to achieve. With a simple reminder of what may or may not happen if I achieve the goal vs what may or may not happen if I don't achieve the goal can help kick start motivation.

When I say make a change, its more about aligning ourselves even more so we can receive what we truly desire, re-framing situations so they no longer bother us and seeing things from another perspective.

When we remove limiting beliefs its as if the glasses we are wearing become a little sharper, a few scratches removed so we can see things with a clearer perspective. Its about remembering who we truly are and letting go of all the false beliefs of 'not being good enough' we may have picked up along the way, because you are, absolutely good enough, without a doubt to receive the life you desire.

Lessons From Surfers

I was on the beach in Badalona a few months back watching the surfers catch the waves, having never surfed myself I tried to imagine what it must have been like for them (see below). This year, 2014, I´ll try surfing!

Its like surfers riding the waves, waiting for that ultimate opportunity, grasping it with all the energy they can muster for once it passes you don't know how long you will have to wait for the next ride.
Stepping into the unknown, excitement, fear of what may happen, anticipation and fear of falling off that board and having to start again.

However no matter how many times you fall nobody can take the positive learnings away from you that you have gained along the way.

Each insight bringing you closer to your desired outcome, the joy of experiencing that ride, the sense of pride that you have achieved it, the sense of wonder of being connected to nature in such a powerful way.

The wind in your hair, the power of the waves, the sense of freedom... not knowing how long the journey will last because that's what life is about.

Enjoying the ride no matter what. 

What are you avoiding that will help you achieve your desired outcome?

What are you gaining by avoiding it?

How can you fulfill that intent in a positive, proactive way?

How Are You Kind To Yourself?

With the end of the year drawing close, its a perfect time to look back at 2013 and reflect on what type of year it has been.

What have been the best 3 moments from the past year?

What do you want for 2014?

Many fun moments with friends and family are definitely up there in my top three. As well as completing my Master Practitioner course in NLP. 

Woahoo what a course that was!! 

I look forward to bringing new exercises and skills to personal coaching sessions to help shift core limiting beliefs and more.

Personally one of the themes for the past year has been self value. Not only did we work with value hierarchies during the master practitioner course, but through a few experiences I was reminded the power of self worth.

It is one of those things that is often thought in society that we need to be perfect, never make mistakes or show our vulnerable side. Researcher Brene Brown spent many years discovering the keys to whole-hearted living. It turned out those who where happiest had accepted their vulnerable side, valuing all parts of themselves. 

Do you value yourself?

How do you show yourself kindness, love and respect?

How can you value yourself more in 2014?

Brene Brown - TED Talk (The Power of Vulnerability)

Monday, 2 December 2013


I was talking with a loved one the other day about a few insights I had whilst watching the surfers on Badalona beach, and he inspired me to share my thoughts in the form of a blog.

In 2009 I started researching and attending workshops, making huge shifts in my personal and professional life, changing career path from the Textile Furnishing Industry to what I really feel passionate about - helping others to experience the life they deserve. 

Since qualifying as a NLP practitioner, and then later Master Level, I feel more empowered and at ease, having used NLP to overcome previous panic attacks and fears, I now share my skills with others. 

For quite a few years now I have scribbled down many thoughts, moments of inspirations, questions that I have pondered, or useful bits of information I have picked up along the way in becoming a NLP Coach.

Through that conversation the other day, I realised how these thoughts were so much more useful if shared. It seemed selfish to keep them hidden in a drawer collecting dust when who knows somebody else may find something useful for their current life situation. 

So here we go! 

It has been a wonderful journey so far and I know this is just the beginning...the best is yet to come! Thank you for joining me on this beautiful road, together we will use those bumps and experiences along the way as stepping stones into a greater, brighter future for all, reminding ourselves and others that anything is in the words of Audrey Hepburn "Nothing is impossible, even the word itself says I´m Possible."

Best wishes,


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