Wednesday, 29 January 2014

A Year of Gratitude

I started this year with the flu after a crazy autumn of study, work and a lot of travel. 

Initially, I thought what a rubbish way to welcome the new year. 

However as with everything, I believe there is always something to learn whether the situation is easy or difficult.

It was then, when I was forced to slow down that I started to naturally focus on things that I was grateful for. Sometimes we are so consumed with do do do that we forget to be be be. We are Human Beings not Human Doings as the saying goes. When we get caught up in the million and one jobs that we ´must´do we tend to miss a lot of wonder and beauty along the way. These little gifts are what add happiness and love to our lives. As soon as we start to look around with a different point of view we can see so much more that we may have missed before.

On facebook I saw an image of a gratitude jar, the idea made me smile - what a great way to see 2014 or any year for that matter! Writing on a little piece of paper something that made you smile, something that made you feel loved or something that you are grateful for in 2014 and placing that in an old jam jar, and by the end of the year you can recall what a great year you had when you read all the notes.

Its never too late to start, even if you start next month that's many months worth of nice things to read on December 31st!

What will be the first thing you place in that jar?