Tuesday, 21 June 2016

This Could Transform Your Day...

The mind is very quick. 

It likes to jump around, explore, reflect, question and create stories about ourselves. 
It also likes to generate endless things to do. Especially if you're creative like me... the formation of ideas can be endless.

This practical tool I'm about to share with you (FREE download included too!) can transform the way you structure your days. It can boost Self-Esteem and ease off pressure. 

Something so simple, yet it works. 

We have a powerful mind to think with, emotions to bring colour to life and a physical body to help us experience physical life on Earth. Learning to embrace our humanness is a beautiful thing. Deep down though, we are, at the essence of it all, energy as Albert Einstein famously quoted...

"Everything is energy. Matter is energy, energy is light... we are light beings" 
Albert Einstein

We know from Einstein and many scientific studies that within everything you can find this energy. Liquids, gases and solids all contain energy and each vibrates at a different speed to create the form that it has. Solids vibrate much more slowly compared to a gas… which is why we can grasp hold of an object and see it. The same goes for us. Our physical body, our mind and emotions all vibrate at different speeds.

On a vibrational level the mind is much quicker than the physical body; it forgets to take into account the physical body’s need for more time to do things. 

Notice this... 
If I ask you to close your eyes right now and go to a tranquil beach, noticing the sights, sounds and sensations of that beautiful beach, your mind is already there right?

If you focus on that image long enough, feelings and emotions will then start to bubble up too relating to that beach. Your emotional body is a little slower than the mind yet still quicker than the physical body. 

Your physical body on the other hand hasn’t traveled to the beach in those few seconds; you are still in the same current location physically. 

Here you can see how quick the mind is… it doesn’t have any limitations on where it can go or what it can do when you’re simply thinking about things. It can go anywhere and do anything in a split second. 

The side effects…
When we have hundreds of things to do, the mind can get carried away… thinking that we can get everything done and we should get everything done. And by the end of the day when we don’t achieve everything (because the physical body needs more time to do things compared to the mind), feelings of disappointment, frustration and believing ‘I’m a failure’ are all too common.

"Arghh I didn't get __X__ done!"

"I'm useless, I can't do anything!"


This particular method I'm about to share with you helps to reduce all that negative chatter by listening to our physical body too. It’s still a wonderful way to organise our tasks, and personally out of all of the different 'To Do List' methods out there… this is the one that I have benefited from the most and helped to reduce overwhelm.

Tweet This: "Use the creativity & strength of your MIND, alongside intuitive guidance from your BODY" Emma Bradford

Recognising and respecting all parts of ourselves as we go through daily life towards our desired outcomes. 

Goodbye pressures!

Trust that you are exactly where you need to be right now and use the skills and knowledge around  you and within you to create a more harmonious life experience.

Try this... 
By transforming your to do list into a MIND/BODY list you can start to organise tasks in an easy and manageable way. Allow your mind to spill out everything it wants to get done on the left hand side column and then choose only 3 of the most important, urgent, necessary tasks and carry it over into the right hand side column. The right hand side column, 'The Body List' is your to do list for the day. 

That's it.

If you have plenty of time spare afterwards and are feeling up to doing a few extra things you can choose one or two extra tasks from the left hand side column. If that's the case notice how great you feel knowing that you already did the 3 most important and necessary tasks!

By reducing the list significantly you can ease of off pressure and remind yourself to check in with how you feel physically each day. Helping you to respect your physical body even more, avoiding burnout and built up stress.

Until next time, wishing you a fabulous month ahead!

Now over to you...
Download your list using the link above and let me know in the comments below...

  • What changes as you adopt this new way of organising your day? 
  • How do you feel at all levels... mentally, emotionally and physically? 

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