Thursday, 4 December 2014

How Things Can Change...

This time last year I was in a whirlwind of travel.

Discovering layers of myself I never new existed and having my brain stretched until it hurt with Quantum Linguistics. 

Where was I? old home town, London, completing a NLP Master Practitioner training with Jessica Robbins. 

And WOW what a Autumn that was! 

Never before did I think how much recognising and shifting your values could have an effect on your life.

One Of The Side Effects...80s Power Poses!

Since then, its been a remarkable journey and I look forward to the many wonderful adventures that may come their way.

Now entering the final month of 2014, this is a great opportunity to take a moment and reflect how far we have all come since this time last year. 

Sometimes looking back briefly can be just as important as focusing on the present and knowing where you are headed. With a quick glance back you can recognise all that you have achieved so far, remember the wonderful surprises and gifts that you found along the way and also remind yourself about what you have learnt so far that can assist you in making even better choices in the future. At times we may feel stuck, or that we're going backwards in life struggling to get to where we want. 

Where in reality, things have shifted... if we take a moment to notice.

If we are so busy looking ahead or worrying about current situations it can be easy to forget how some things may have shifted in the last 12 months. We don't even notice how far we have come. 

So by taking a moment to breathe, in and out, I invite you to think back on the last 12 months and take a moment to consider...

What has changed?

What have you learnt?

What would you like to bring into 2015?

What would you like to let go of for 2015? 

May this be the beginning of a wonderful month of festivities (what ever that may mean for you)...I certainly look forward to the country walks and glowing log fires...maybe even a few 'hilarious' cracker jokes thrown in too.

Above all I encourage you to make this month a celebration of where you have come from this past year. Through the highs and lows, the discomfort and triumphs, and smiles and tears...

...I invite you to find 3 things that you are proud of.

3 things no matter how big or small, that you know you did your best at that time, you tried something new or you made the most of an experience in this past year. 

Whatever they may be, by acknowledging a few things that you are proud of or grateful for can help to create even more joy in the present moment. These moments, these little (or BIG!) successes deserve to be acknowledged and celebrated. By doing so you can boost your self esteem, confidence and motivation levels even further to kick start the next 12 months. 

Go on I dare you to give yourself a pat on the back ;-)

So what is your top 3? 

I'll leave you with that, and not forgetting to wish you all a Happy Celebratory Month and a 'Happy Sprout Day'* on the 25th as my dear friend says!

See you next Month!

*Brussels Sprouts in case you were wondering.