Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Real Meaning Behind Unwanted Emotions

If we didn't have moments of doubt, fear or sadness what would we have to compare the happy moments against?

Would we truly appreciate the happy times without the challenges?

I know for one that any challenges I experienced previously, acted among many things as a reminder to appreciate what I have and become more present. This helped me to really appreciate the wonderful joys that life has to offer.

As with anything it´s about finding a balance, allowing ourselves to go with the flow, and also using our skills whether be it with NLP or other, to keep us from remaining in heavier states for too long. A little bit can help us value the happier times and gain positive learnings; too much can keep us stuck and demotivated.

Isn't that the meaning after all of a heavier emotional state - to remind us that something is not quite right, that we need to shift something in order to return to alignment and feel happier again?
Notice that I use the word heavier instead of negative...if we label and judge them as negative, the more difficult it can be to shift to a happier state.

What we resist, persists!

By simply allowing ourselves to acknowledge the emotion, allow it to pass without judgement through observation of how it feels or through positive activities such as dancing, painting, singing etc we can gain positive learnings and change state more easily.

If we are learning something through the experience can we really label it as negative?

More thoughts on emotions soon!!

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