Wednesday, 18 December 2013

How Are You Kind To Yourself?

With the end of the year drawing close, its a perfect time to look back at 2013 and reflect on what type of year it has been.

What have been the best 3 moments from the past year?

What do you want for 2014?

Many fun moments with friends and family are definitely up there in my top three. As well as completing my Master Practitioner course in NLP. 

Woahoo what a course that was!! 

I look forward to bringing new exercises and skills to personal coaching sessions to help shift core limiting beliefs and more.

Personally one of the themes for the past year has been self value. Not only did we work with value hierarchies during the master practitioner course, but through a few experiences I was reminded the power of self worth.

It is one of those things that is often thought in society that we need to be perfect, never make mistakes or show our vulnerable side. Researcher Brene Brown spent many years discovering the keys to whole-hearted living. It turned out those who where happiest had accepted their vulnerable side, valuing all parts of themselves. 

Do you value yourself?

How do you show yourself kindness, love and respect?

How can you value yourself more in 2014?

Brene Brown - TED Talk (The Power of Vulnerability)

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