Wednesday, 18 December 2013

We Always Have a Choice

There are many options in life and quite often we forget just how many are available to us. Not only that, but also that we are the ones in control whether we are aware of it or not.

In the past if there was something that I was moving towards and I could feel the resistance cropping up, I would write the following words on a post it note and place it somewhere that I could see it everyday.

Option 1: Stay the same

Option 2: Make a change

That, along with removing limiting beliefs and inner conflicts that may have been present, the goals were easier to achieve. With a simple reminder of what may or may not happen if I achieve the goal vs what may or may not happen if I don't achieve the goal can help kick start motivation.

When I say make a change, its more about aligning ourselves even more so we can receive what we truly desire, re-framing situations so they no longer bother us and seeing things from another perspective.

When we remove limiting beliefs its as if the glasses we are wearing become a little sharper, a few scratches removed so we can see things with a clearer perspective. Its about remembering who we truly are and letting go of all the false beliefs of 'not being good enough' we may have picked up along the way, because you are, absolutely good enough, without a doubt to receive the life you desire.

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