Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Authenticity Or Fitting In To Please Others?

I first came across Lissa Rankin whilst looking at TED videos online over a year ago. I immediately shared the link with my sister, who is a Doctor with a keen interest in integrated medicine. She instantly became a fan, and often returns the shares with excerpts taken from books and newsletters written by Lissa. 

Below is a quote from one of Lissa's newsletters, written as if its from your inner core, your intuitive part, your soul (what Lissa refers to as your Inner Pilot Light) as if its talking to you directly. It is so beautiful I felt the need to share it here on this blog. 

We can often see our 'flaws' as imperfections rather than a great unique quality. We suppress ourselves so that we can feel accepted and have a sense of belonging. When in truth, by showing our vulnerable side, connecting from a place of authenticity and value for ourselves we can often feel an even greater sense of love and belonging than previously imagined. 

"You try so hard to fit in and all I want you to do is stop and cherish your uniqueness.

What good would it do a rainbow if all of the colours wanted to be like each other instead of shining individually? Would it be as lovely?

What good would it do an orchestra if all the instruments sounded the same? Would it create such breathtaking sounds?

The world is beautiful because of its uniqueness, and you are beautiful because of the same uniqueness, my sweet.

No more fitting in, dear one. Shine for who you are. The world needs you.

Standing with you,

Your Inner Pilot Light"
Lissa Rankin

 What will you choose today?

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